Cottage Features:

  • Charming residential home
  • Five private bedroom and bathroom suites
  • Flat-screen TV, cable, and internet access in bedroom
  • Patio area to enjoy flowers, landscaping and bird watching
  • Inviting open kitchen and dining area
  • Richly-decorated living room with cozy fireplace
  • Safe room for inclement weather
  • Security system
  • Internet technology – “virtual” family visits
  • “Welcome” policy for family and friends



The custom-designed Cottage features a four-season porch and deck with the restful sounds of a flowing fountain in the background. The entrance to the Cottage features an open patio surrounded by professional landscaping and a lush green lawn. A swing and other seating areas encourage relaxing and chatting while enjoying the outdoors.

Tranquility is enhanced with flowers, bird baths, and bird houses. Compassionate Cottage is equipped with the latest in technology including a state-of-the-art security system. Each private bedroom suite includes a flat-screen TV with cable and internet access.

Family members can stay in touch and even enjoy “virtual” dinner with a resident via our internet technology. Compassionate Cottage offers 24-hour customized living services specifically tailored to the needs of each resident.

We at the cottage, make it inviting and comfortable to engage in shared meals, movies, and to participate in cooking, baking and other activities


1000 Cottonwood Drive NE
Willmar, MN 56201
320.235.2775 • Fax 320.231.9871
Toll Free: 866.986.9868

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