How will I know Compassionate Cottage is a match for my loved one?

We always recommend that families take a tour of Compassionate Cottage.  It is so important to come and see our beautiful homes and experience the atmosphere.   The Healthcare Coordinator/RN will do an assessment to determine if Compassionate Cottage will meet your needs.  The RN will come to your home setting to assess you in your own environment. The assessment determines if Compassionate Cottage is the appropriate placement for your loved one.

How do I find pricing information?

Our rates are all inclusive.  Many assisted living residences have a base rate and, then, add on fees a la carte which can add up quickly and can be confusing.  We have three levels of care with our base rate including all the services, as well as, meals, cable television and internet.  The RN does a functional assessment to determine your rate with moving to level 2 or 3 if there is a significant medical need requiring considerably more care from the staff and the RN.  For the specific rates, please contact Nancy Patock at 320-235-2775.

What's the difference between Compassionate Care and Compassionate Cottage?

Compassionate Care

Compassionate Care is licensed by the State of Minnesota with a Basic Home Care License.  Our services are non-medical and are provided in our client’s home. Compassionate Care customizes its services to fit your specific needs.  Please contact Bev or Sara at 320-231-9868 for more details.

Our goal is to help our clients remain in their own home settings for as long as possible.  Our Care Plans are very “person-centered” as each client has their own unique set of needs and values. Learn more about our services HERE.

Compassionate Cottage

Compassionate Cottage is an assisted living residence. It offers 24-hour customized living services tailored to the needs of each resident. At the Cottage, we make it inviting and comfortable to engage in shared meals, movies, music, and other person-centered activities.  We focus on putting our residents first in everything we do.

Compassionate Cottage has two locations at 1000 Cottonwood Dr. NE and 1506 Upper Trentwood Circle NE. Find more information about Compassionate Cottage by downloading the brochure HERE.

Are medical services included for residents at the Compassionate Cottage?

Compassionate Cottage is licensed by the State of Minnesota as an assisted living residence with a Comprehensive Home Care License.  This licensure allows us to take care of your loved one’s medical needs including medication administration.  Compassionate Cottage provides around the clock awake-care, assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, three delicious home-cooked meals, housekeeping, laundry, activities and so much more.

Can residents have visitors?

Yes. Compassionate Cottage is your home. Visitors are welcomed and encouraged to visit. You have a private suite (including your own bathroom). Common areas throughout the home are yours to enjoy, as well.

As a resident, can my family eat meals with me?

Meals are planned and prepared for residents and staff. If your family would like to have a meal, please let us know in advance so enough food can be prepared. Coffee and snacks are free-of-charge!

As a resident, can I go on outings?

Yes, this is your home. You can come and go as you are able. Our staff provide safe monitoring and will need to be aware when you leave. A “sign in and out” form is required and arrangements can be made to have our nurse set up medications to be taken during extended outings.

What activities does Compassionate Cottage provide?

We focus on person-centered activities as we get to know our residents. Our activity program provides daily activities, as well, as, monthly musical guests and other entertainment. Some of the other activities include volunteer devotion leaders for Bible study, manicures, seasonally-related activities and pastoral visits.

Are therapy services available at Compassionate Cottage?

Yes, physical occupational and speech therapy services are contracted and take place at Compassionate Cottage. Therapy usually consists of two to three visits per week. The therapist provides exercise programs for our staff to follow in assisting residents with ongoing exercise. This helps maintain the benefits of therapy.

Are hair care services available within Compassionate Cottage?

Yes, professional hair care services such as cuts, curls, styles and permanents are available weekly.

As a resident, can I sleep in or do I need to be up at a certain time each day?

Breakfast is served at the time of your choice. You can have a breakfast of your individual desire.

What is your staff-to-resident ratio?

Quality care is our priority and staff-to-resident ratio reflects this importance. Three staff are spaced throughout the day for ten residents. A registered Nurse and Housing Director work throughout the week. Two staff are on-site during the evening. One staff works the overnight hours from 11 to 7.

Do you have a nurse on staff 24/7?

Yes. Compassionate Cottage has an RN on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. An RN is on-site 35-40 hours per week to attend to your medical needs. The nurse works closely with your physician and healthcare professionals to address your medical needs.

What kind of experience and training do your staff possess?

Personal attendants are required to complete 38-plus classes of online training relevant to the many aspects of their profession. The RN, then, trains the staff on-site for two days. New employees shadow current staff 2-to-3 days or more depending on employee’s past work experience and/or comfort in providing the cares needed.

Can staff administer medications?

Personal attendants can administer medications under the license of Compassionate Cottage’s Registered Nurse. The Personal Attendants take multiple classes online for the administration of medications. The RN spends extensive time training the staff to administer medications using bubble packs which provides another layer of safety. This allows the RN to track and monitor all medications given.

Do you have any outdoor space for residents to enjoy?

Yes, Compassionate Cottages offer a covered patio area where residents enjoy fresh air and the beautiful landscaped surroundings of flowers and nature.

If there is a waiting list, how many are on it and what is the policy?

The waiting list at Compassionate Cottages varies at any given time. It is important to be proactive and tour options for your loved one. It is wise to put your name on the waiting which requires $250.00 deposit. This deposit is subtracted from the one-time admission fee upon moving to the cottage or is refundable if you do not move to Compassionate Cottage. If you are not ready to move when we have an opening, you do not go to the bottom of the list. You will stay in your current position and be contacted again when another opening occurs.